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30 Day Writing Challenge, 16/30


~Jarbie, 1220 words~


The solitude of her car was both a relief and a punishment.

To stay and rest— hide— in the cabin had been a temptation, though small; for all of Sam’s kindness, she found it hard to be near him, his careful hands reminding her only of the loss of Barbie’s tender touch, his eyes the wrong shade of blue and with none of Barbie’s warmth. When she’d felt him gently remove Barbie’s loosened stitches and replace them with his own— taking away one of the few tangible marks Barbie had left upon her, taking Barbie from her, piece by piece— the pain had cut far deeper than her wound, a heavy ache that gripped her heart.

She’d thought that getting away from the cabin would help; that without Sam’s presence constantly reminding her of Barbie’s absence, she might even be able to lose herself in the distraction of fixing the dome, might escape the reality of what she had lost for just a little longer.

But she’d been wrong.

Instead of bringing peace, the silence of the car had simply amplified her thoughts, her mind conjuring endless images of what Barbie’s final moments might have been, trapping her in a nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from.

Seeing the bodies littered around the firetower had almost been a relief, the shock and confusion giving her solace from her own grief. Latching onto the puzzle before her, her mind raced with questions, her heart in her throat as she prayed for the motionless forms to be simply unconscious, to be alive and okay. Whatever had happened— whether it was an accident or something the dome had unleashed upon them— she couldn’t help but fear that she’d played some part in it, that the consequences of her actions at the lake had spread wider and further than even she’d realised, that the blood of others would now join Barbie’s on her hands, her own guilt and grief staining her skin.

Easing her car to a halt behind some trucks, Julia braced herself, then slowly climbed from the car, her eyes focusing anxiously on the fallen form nearest to her, a silent plea repeating itself over and over in her mind.

A plea which was soon answered by the sight of the person’s steady breathing, their chest rising and falling slowly— and she released a breath of her own, leaning against the car door with a sigh of relief. Even if she was responsible for what had happened to them, she still had a chance to fix things, to find a way to save them. Feeling her determination rising— she hadn’t been able to save Barbie, but she could honour him by doing everything within her power to protect the rest of the town— she shifted her gaze, eyes roving over the scattered bodies, looking out past the nearby trucks—

She froze.

A lone figure crouched over one of the bodies, tension in every line of his broad, familiar back. His face was averted, but she didn’t need to see it to know him.

His name reverberated through every inch of her body, slipping from her lips on a shocked breath. And then suddenly she was shouting it, the word tearing itself from her throat, connecting them like a lifeline as his head instantly snapped around, his eyes locking with hers.

Her breath caught in her throat, her body frozen as she watched him slowly rise to his feet, his first step toward her breaking her from the spell that kept her paralyzed.

And then she was running, the distance between them— which just moments ago had seemed infinite, insurmountable— swiftly disappearing, their bodies colliding in a tight embrace.

His arms wrapped around her, solid and strong, hers holding just as tight as they locked around his neck, her fingers digging into the soft fabric of his shirt as she tried to pull herself still closer.

This was real; he was real and whole and alive, and he was here, pressed against her like he never wanted to let go. The feeling overwhelmed her, tears escaping her clenched eyelids to run silently down her cheeks, her body shaking with shock and relief and need.

Her breathing ragged, she clung to him until the desperate need to see his face— to prove to herself that he was truly and completely okay— drew her back, the two of them separating just far enough for her to lift her eyes to his, their gazes locking for only a moment before her hands were cupping the back of his neck, pulling him back down to her as she pressed her lips against his.

The kiss was brief, just a matter of moments, but it was everything, all that they had become to each other communicated in a swift, desperate touch of lips. Tightening her grip, Julia gave herself over to it, losing herself in him, in them, the pain in her chest slowly easing with his touch.

Pulling away slowly, she breathed a tiny sigh against his lips, taking half a second to draw herself back together before lifting her gaze to meet his once more, her thumbs stroking compulsively across his skin as his hand shifted from her jaw to wrap possessively around her right hand, holding it close against his chest.

Letting out a shuddering breath, she kept her eyes locked with his, a pained tremor in her voice as she forced the words past the emotion that was choking her.

“I thought you were dead.”

And, for her at least, he had been. For a few agonizing hours, she had lost him, had felt what it was like to have the connection between them severed, forced to face the reality of being without the one person who had truly mattered.

It was a pain she never wanted to experience again, like a vital part of her had been torn away, the remainder crumbling until she was left with only the ruined remnants of who she had been.

It was a pain that she wouldn’t survive a second time.

“Come on,” he murmured, his deliberately light tone pulling her from her despairing thoughts, his eyes dropping for a moment as a small smile curved his lips. Then, his gaze lifted to hers once more, his eyes sincere, his joking tone laced with honesty and determination. “You’re not gonna get rid of me that easy.”

A tiny, choked sound escaped her throat, her body surging forward as she kissed him again, lifting on her toes as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck once more. His arm around her back was strong and steady, the press of his lips against hers feeling like home; clinging to each other tight, they both poured everything into the brief kiss, each passing second linking them back together, re-cementing the bond between them, making them even stronger than before.

When they reluctantly broke away— both breathing a little unsteadily— she immediately sank back into his embrace, his arms drawing her close, her eyes falling shut as she simply breathed with him, feeling his heart pounding in time with hers.

Thank you, she thought fiercely, her words for the dome, for the universe, for whatever act of fate had brought him back to her. Clenching her fingers in his shirt, she held on tight, determined never to let him go again.

Thank you.



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