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lol the cute young guy at Subway just winked at me and gave me like three free cookies and basically that’s the most action I’ve gotten in a year

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Things I learned tonight:

  • A silly C-quality CW show can literally make me sob (and loudly) until I need a towel for the ocean of tears that my eyes have produced
  • Also, do not go into tag for said show
  • Really, don’t do it
  • Because no one will care about the brave, selfless and agonisingly pointless deaths of like three hundred people 
  • People will only want to scream loudly about the completely non-canon-and-somewhat-nonsensical-but-somehow-most-popular ship
  • One that will be your notp so hard
  • Like so hard you have no idea

Therefore, moral of the story for next week: 

  • Do not underestimate silly show’s abilities to turn on tear faucets
  • Bring tissues for inevitable outpour of said tears
  • Bring earplugs for inevitable cacophony of fandom, and avoid tag like the plague’s uglier cousin
  • Repeat weekly.
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Part 1 of current creative project complete

Size: approx 5cm total
Material: polymer clay
Work time: approx 4 hours

I was expecting that ‘ha ha ha ha’ song but this was SO MUCH BETTER

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Oh boy. A very cute intern I met on the weekend literally took 20 minutes out of his busy day today to call me and answer my questions about applying for hospitals and handling intern year and basically he’s making me question the necessity of my no-dating-doctors rule